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– Eddie Valentine, Owner – PT, DPT

DSI Solutions Certified

     – Job Descriptions

     – Job Analysis

     – Post Offer Testing

     – Pre-Shift Stretching

     – First Aid/Early Intervention Care

     – Ergonomics

     – On Site Consultation

Treatment of the Injured Worker

     – 15+ Years of Experience With Workers Compensation

     – Knowledge of Authorization Process

     – Communication with Employer, Employee, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Case Managers

     – Rehabilitation for Safe Return to Work

     – Focus on Outcomes


     – McKenzie Certified Therapist (Cert. MDT)

     – Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT)

Treatment Approach

     – Spinal Manipulation

     – Spinal Mobilization

     – Traction

     – Exercise

     – Education – we want patients to teach patients to independently manage their spinal pain

Common Diagnosis

     – Low Back Strain

     – Neck Strain

     – Degenerative Disc Disease

     – Degenerative Joint Disease

     – Headaches

     – Bulging Discs

Former Athletes working with athletes

Relationship with Athlete, Trainers, Coaches, Parents, Doctors

Get off the table and onto the field

Common Injuries by body part:

     – Shoulder

          – Rotator Cuff  and Labrum Strain

     – Elbow

          – Tommy John

     – Hip

          – Hamstring, Quad Strain

          – Labral Tears

     – Knee

          – Knee Pain/Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

          – ACL Tear

     – Lower Leg

         – Achilles Strain

         – Ankle Sprain

Weekend Warriors

     – Running

         – IT Band Syndrome

         – Shin Splints

         – Plantar Fascitis

     – Crossfit

         – Shoulder Pain

         – Elbow Pain

         – Back pain


     – Focus on controlling pain, increasing strength and function, and decrease the need for surgery

     – Knee OA, Shoulder OA, Hip OA

Sometimes surgery cannot be avoided

     – Total Hip Replacements

     – Total Knee Replacement

     – Total Shoulder Replacement     ​

     – The initial goal is to control pain and protect the repaired structure to allow adequate healing, phase two is to regain motion and strength, Phase 3 is to return to sport or activity

     – Types of Surgeries

     – Rotator Cuff Repair

     – Labral Repairs

     – ACL Reconstruction

     – Joint Replacements

​- Involves treatment of the pelvic floor musculature

​- Pelvic floor physical therapy can provide conservative management for a variety of pelvic health diagnosis and pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions

– To ensure privacy we provide gowns and sheets, and a treatment session will take place in a private room.  Care will be provided by a Physical Therapists who is specifically trained in the treatment of the pelvic floor

Types of Conditions

          – Urinary Incontinence

          – Pelvic Pain

          – Pain during sex

PWR4Life Certified

     – PWR is an exercise based program designed to slow the disease progression, restore function, and increase quality of life for people with Parkinson’s

     – The PWR4Life program advocates for early referral to specialized physical therapists, so to initiate training of progressive aerobics, large amplitude movements, focusing on improving function.

– Torticolis

– Cerebral Palsy

– Developmental Delay

– Gait Abnormalities

– Balance Training

– Gait Training

– Functional Movement

     – Bending, Reach, Squatting, Rising from chair, walking

– BPPV-Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

     – Epley Maneuver

– Gaze Stabilization

– Habituation Exercises

– Balance Training

– Tennis Elbow

– Plantar Fascitis

– Patellar Tendonitis

– Gluteal/Piriformis Tendinopathy

– Rotator Cuff Strain

– Low Back/Lumbar

– Neck/Cervical

– Jaw Pain

– Popping/Clicking 

– Limited opening and closing of the mouth

– Dry Needling

– KT Taping

– Orthotic Fabrication

– Modalities

     – Heat/Ice

     – Electrical Stimulation

     – Iontophoresis

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