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Vestibular Rehab / Dizziness

Get the right treatment for your dizziness with physical therapy!

At Revolution Physical Therapy, we understand how vestibular issues can impact your abilities. Basic activities, such as going to work, standing, driving, grocery shopping or working on a computer may suddenly make you feel dizzy, off-balance, or nauseous. Not only is this frustrating, but over time it often creates difficulties within your daily life.

Many people go to their primary medical provider or urgent care with complaints of dizziness, only to be told there’s no treatment. Some give medications that temporarily mask symptoms, and sometimes there are side effects. There are some medical providers who may be unaware of the benefits of vestibular therapy for treating dizziness and related symptoms. Our clients often visit multiple medical providers before reaching our office because vestibular issues can be complex and difficult to diagnose.

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What to expect from your visit

At your evaluation, your physical therapist will conduct a series of tests that look at how your vestibular system is functioning, along with your vision to maintain your balance. After your first visit, you will have a much better understanding of what you are experiencing and how vestibular therapy can help you. Your vestibular therapist will provide a personalized program based on your needs. The program includes weekly office visits with a robust home exercise program.

Your commitment to the program is the biggest factor in a successful recovery. There are no quick fixes or magic pills with vestibular issues, retraining your brain and your vestibular system to work together again in unison takes time.

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